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I am a specialist in pediatric urology with international experience. I did my pediatric urology fellowship (FEAPU training) in Leeds/UK with Mr. Ramnath Subramaniam. Currently, I am consultant pediatric urologist at the Medical University Vienna (Department of Pediatric Surgery) where I am director of the pediatric urology training programme.

My management spectrum includes:

  • diseases of the kidney

  • diseases of the ureter

  • diseases of the bladder

  • diseases of the urethra (hypospadias)

  • diseases of the genital organs

  • incontinence, neuropathic bladder and functional urological issues

I offer the whole spectrum of pediatric urology including:

minimal invasive surgery of the kidney

  • laparoscopic pyeloplasty

  • laparoscopic nephrectomy (removal of kidney)

  • laparoscopic heminephrectomy (partial removal of kidney)


bladder surgery & antireflux surgery

  • endoscopic correction of reflux (STING)

  • ureteric reimplantation (open reflux surgery)

  • endoscopic correction of obstructive megaureter (ballon dilatation)

urogenital reconstruction

urethral surgery

hypospadias repair

inguinal hernia repair

hydrocele repair

management of incontinence, neuropathic bladder and functional problems

management of bedwetting (enuresis)

overactive bladder, dysfunctional voiding and day-time wetting


For further inquries or to arrange an appointment with me please write an email to or call +43(650)4027043.


You find my private practice at private hospital Goldenes Kreuz, Lazarettgasse 16, 1090 Vienna

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